What Is Real Empathy?

Feeling sorry for others is not empathy. Imagining what you can do to help others is not empathy. Planning to help others is not empathy. So what makes Empathy real?

There are three critical conditions of empathy:

  1. Our ability to feel and understand others’ feelings
  2. Our ability to recognize and evaluate our own feelings (after these two parts are triggered, empathy is activated and the next step is crucial because it is a logical step to take to reach true empathy.)
    Our concern can be triggered when these two conditions are met. Then a question appears: What actions based on our reaction, our concern and compassion can we take? This is the most important part to remember. Will you take action?
  3. Without compassionate ACTION, there is no real empathy. Please remember the words “compassionate action.” It means an action that is based on compassion, mercy, or concern. When there is an accompanying positive action after the emotions felt, then empathy becomes real.

Click here to read the full story about “Real Empathy”. You can read more about it on my blog post here: The Value of Empathy in Our Society

People from many nations, many religions, many cultures have been practicing empathy for centuries. These actions have helped people reach out and offer a helping hand to others.

Would you like to be part of the solution? Would you like to make a compassionate action to help out others in need? Here’s your chance to make a difference in your community.

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