Rhyan Casiño: Rhyan Casiño: Artist, Visionary, Atenean with many Talents

Rhyan Casiño is a firm believer in the greatness of individuals. He is a multi talented artist who has a passion for our roots, our cultural heritage as Filipinos. He believes in the potential of the youth. He regularly inspires people through his music and arts. He encourages people to value themselves and aim higher.

He is a Tagoloanon! Artist! Visionary!
Atenean-Man for others! A man of many talents!

He began his journey in 2001. With his interactions With the 7 tribes of bukidnon, the Talaandig tribe in particular, he developed a deeper love of culture.

In 2003, Rhyan armed with cultural awareness, sparked the flames of hope and culture. He advocated that our cultural heritage is deeper than what we previously thought. It is real!

He became the Cultural Coordinator of the Gardens of Malasag Ecotourism Village.

In 2008, Rhyan established “Dire Husi”. This youth organization was established for the purpose of reviving indigenous culture. Under Rhyan’s leadership, Dire Husi won numerous awards. In 2008, they won the British Council’s “I am a change maker grant competition.”

In 2009, they were a finalist of the Ten Accomplished Organizations.

In 2010, Dire Husi was appointed as representative of the youth sector by the National Anti-Poverty Commission.

Rhyan developed a mentoring and apprenticeship program for the arts. The program includes craft making, indigenous music and visual arts. He initiated and provides a venue for the troubled youth where they could nurture and sharpen their talents and unlock their potential as artists.

Rhyan inspires action, creativity and hope!

This interview and story were completed and made possible through the effort, dedication, and initiative of the following “We Love Tagoloan” team members:
Honey Tan
Ven Santillan


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